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NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming

£60 90 minutes

£50 60 minutes

this therapy is amazing for making positive changes, letting go of things that hold you back and almost like upgrading You, so that you can be the best version of any area of life.  It allows you to work through many issues that hold you back on a day to day basis and brings in a more positive mindset


IEMT -Integral Eye Movement Therapy

£45 60 minutes  

A quick highly effective therapy for change, removing stuckness, negative emotions and unhelpful identities



£60 90 minutes

4-6 sessions recommended

This therapy assists many issues from phobias, anxiety, weight loss, pain management and much more.  By accessng your subconscious it is possible to make the changes you are ready to make to move forward.  You are in a relaxed daydream like state during the hypnotherapy.




mindfulness training enables you to feel more positive aand uplifted.. It is a quick and accessible way to meditate, easily incorporated into day to day life




learn how to meditate, using breathing, relaxation techniques and visualisation or experience a one to one meditation session for upliftment and relaxation