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Crystal Energy Therapy


Healing with the use of various natural crystals, each with their own therapeutic properties.  This therapy allows the client to feel relaxed and uplifted and can help a variety of issues.  It is a relaxing

healing incorporating intuitive crystal layouts on the body.  Helps uplift, clear blocks, balance and harmonise.  Balances each energy centre of the body, restoring equilibrium to mind, body and soul.  Helps remove negativity, remove energetic attachments that hold you back and bring you 'back to yourself.  



£30 60 minutes

Relaxing and uplifting hands on healing techique, using universal life energy or chi.  Helps balance energy, relax mind, body and soul and can help various ailments.. Allows you to find inner peace and harmony


Angel Readings with Healing/Therapy


Healing or card readings with therapy, utilising high vibration Angelic energy.  Cord cutting, energy balancing, grounding.  Card reading connects to your energy and allows assistance with direction, clarity and balance


Spiritual Guidance


Ideal for people starting out on a spiritual path, unsure of what direction to take with it, what it means and how to work within that path.  Energy reading and guidance, meditation-benefits uses and how to meditate.  Using grounding, self awareness, psychic development and moving forward on the path.

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